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RIP Steve Jobs

My iPod alarm woke me up this morning, and it was on my six-year-old PowerBook, of which I am the third proud owner, that I saw the news.

I don't observe nearly as many passings here as perhaps I should, but this is a computer-based community, and everyone who owns a computer owes Steve Jobs a debt of gratitude. Petty PC/Mac battles aside, in turning Apple into an explosively productive market behemoth, he forced the competition to step up their game in order to keep pace. This was a human being of extraordinary brilliance – and not the kind who produces one magnum opus and then moves on; the kind who had a purely symbolic salary as CEO because he just liked building things, and he was amazing at it. I think we can all take some inspiration away from that: Steve Jobs gave us groundbreaking products because he wanted to make things, and he wanted to make things better. He was out to prove that ambitious creativity and revolutionary innovation were not just alive and well; they were the wave of the future. And he surfed that wave like a proper Californian.

My hat's off to you, Mr. Jobs. Thank you for everything.

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