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This post is lingering in the past. Do not try this at home.


In the culmination of a terrifying combination of guilty, agonizing apology and long-standing LJ tradition, you have made your merry way to the Tierfal holiday drabble request post.

*depending on your definition of 'lucky'

*depending on your definition of 'play'

a. Pick a fandom!
(For maximum quality, choose between FMA and SPN; for less-maximum quality, it's open season for Ouran, Eva, DN, KH, DW, TW, early Merlin, or original crap such as Vincent & Co.)

b. Pick characters and/or a pairing!
(I am happy to write more than just pairings I've tried before – unless your name is bob_fish, apparently, and you ask for something totally awesome and end up waiting over a year and oh my God I can't even tell you how sorry I am Bob. ;______; …did you get that box I sent with the chocolate and stuff, btw? x3)

c. Pick a prompt!
(Examples of awesome prompts include a word, an idiom, a snippet of poetry, your favorite OTP song, a trope or fun cliché, a quick AU idea, etc. Examples of less-awesome prompts include a plot outline for a 10K monster, like I did to eltea that one time. tl;dr, the best way to get your drabble in a timely fashion is to feed the Tierfal morsels instead of meals, because Tierfals are greedy little shits with no impulse control.)

…now. This year, I am not going to beg or try to talk anybody into asking for fic, because holyshit I probably shouldn't even do this given how crazy I am as is. :'D But please don't feel bad for asking! ASK AWAY! There are no criteria for 'deserving' a fic, and you're under no obligation to write anything back, and the wild flinging-of-gifts-thing that I do as part of this is always what gets me into the holiday spirit or whatever.

For examples of past drabblefests, if you want to know what you might be getting yourself into, here's 2011 and some crap from last year. XD'

Note: If you are one of my palm fronds from Tumblplace, and you don't have an account, anon should be on! Alternatively, feel free to message me on Tumblr or email me or whatever floats your boat. c:



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