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NO MOAR SKOOL!!!!1!!!eleven


eltea is sick... again... and it makes me sad.  Since we're basically two facets of the same person.  So it's almost like I'm sick.  IN HEART.  :'(

Let me regale you with the ludicrous and laughable awfulosity of my morning.

First of all, despite the fact that I used to get up at six every day to get to high school on time, seven o'clock is now obscenely early.  No help from my being up until one-thirty studying last night, after realizing at about midnight that I really didn't know jack.  Do not try this at home, kids.

But about eight was when the adventure began.

Remember that building we saw yesterday?  That is the Hearst Memorial Mining Building.  My final was supposed to be in room 237 of what had repeatedly been called "Hearst Memorial."

After wandering the building for about five minutes, by which time I was rapidly beginning to panic, I asked some random guy in some random room with its door open for help, and we managed to find 237.  Which was a women's bathroom.

Um, shit.

I probably would have blown a gasket and a few arteries, but it was too early in the morning to work up a good panic.

I went out to the foyer again, caught sight of two boys and a girl who looked slightly confused, and desperately asked them if they were here for astronomy.  They were.  We scoured the building once more, then went and sought guidance with a receptionist, who, unfortunately, did not have the power to make a room appear.  Just before all hope was lost, one of the guys managed to get ahold of another friend of his in the class on the phone.  Said friend explained that it was, in actuality, 237 Hearst Memorial Gym that we wanted.


We made a hasty retreat to one of the guys' car (I have no idea how that should work grammatically; I feel like a fraud), then zipped around the perimeter of campus to the gym in question, which does not even remotely resemble a gym from the outside.  We found the right 237 this time, and, since the semi-unwritten rule of Berkeley Time means that everything starts ten minutes after the hour, we were actually only two or three minutes late.  Small miracles.

This 237 was almost as bad a test-taking environment as the bathroom would have been , however, as it was, in essence, a gym, bookended with basketball hoops, with an uneven carpet on the floor and a lot of long, rickety wooden tables with plastic folding chairs.  DO NOT WANT.

Then I opened the test and realized that I should have started studying about eight weeks ago if I wanted to know enough to get an A on it, but that's a different problem entirely.  I was a straight-A student in high school, but I really just can't be bothered to give a crap anymore.  It's kind of nice, actually.  XD

I had "The Ghost of You" stuck in my head the whole time, with the video running through my mind.  It's easily one of the best music videos I've ever seen, and I've seen a fair few.  More effective if you know in advance that the guy with the glasses is Mikey, the lead singer's little brother.  I encourage you to watch it, though be forewarned that it hath the formidable power to make fangirls people cry.

Well, once I escaped from that hellish place after about an hour and a half, I went and took one of my English readers to the campus bookstore.  The online dealy for the unaffiliated store across the street that competes with them said that said unaffiliated store would give me fifteen bucks for it, and I thought, "What the hey, I'll try the campus store just to see if they'll give me a buck more."  Well, they gave me TWENTY-TWO.  omg.  Triumph is so succulent.  Then I perfected the art of phone-balancing as I attempted to coax some life into an extremely ill eltea while packing up the rest of my life, and then my stepdad and I went to a campus cafe and blew the thirty dollars that remained of my about-to-expire meal points.

And now I am here.  For.  Three.  Months.

*throws wild, crazy mental party*

It's a little surreal.  I feel like I'm trying to cram myself back into a hole I left, the walls of which have caved a bit in my absence.  That feeling will hopefully go away as I loiter around and make this place mine again.  There were things I liked about living in that dorm.  Like the fact that I could see the surface of my desk.  And the fact that I didn't have tons and tons of crap lying around that I just can't bear to throw away, filling up the drawers and draped over the chairs.

But oh, oh, oh, how good it is to be here.

I shall throw together a vague list of all the crap I am going to be wasting my three months on.  It will be good for my frazzled brain to have it written down.  So, in not much of an order...

1. Metamorfic Moon entry -- by June 14.  The problem is that I just recently wrote a cumulative five thousand words about Lupin and Tonks.  They're great, or they can be, and I really like the things I wrote for the Meta challenge in December, but... OMG LAZY.  Also, I think my fanfaddiction is being phased out by various other things.

2. Write the third part of the 'Her and Me' trilogy -- by... um... ASAP?  I know the title.  And.  Um.  Have about two hundred words of the first chapter.  That's... pretty much it.  Okay, I know the plot, sort of, because I had to in order to set up for it last time.  Suffice to say that there will be a great deal of headdesking.

3. Finish the first book of Cataracta with eltea -- by June 22.  Hmm.  I think I know where I shoved the Post-It where I'd written all the scenes I should start working on/keep working on/finish working on.  We should just throw a huge, steamy Matt and Brian makeout scene in the middle.  THEN we'd want to write it.  Oh wait, I think we might actually be doing that...

4. Trip to Canada -- effective June 20(?) through... I dunno, a week or two?  Because my mommy likes road trips.  Even when we all almost rip each other into little bitty pieces after being stuck in the car together for hours on end.  Whee!  ...two years ago, when we went up through Oregon and Washington, my brother and I stayed in the hotel room and watched a Teen Titans marathon instead of going up to Canada for the afternoon, so I've never actually been.  I have this idea like it's going to be exciting. :P  Nahh, my mom wants to go to one of the more European-ish cities this time.  For kicks.  Y'know.

5. Post the stockpiled fics -- by whenever I stop being a lazyass.  Okay, so there are only two.  But that 4,000-word emo-filled, self-pitying Lupin-Tonks one always gives me pause (PAWS HAR HAR), and then I lose interest.  Phail'd.

6. MORE SAM AND ADRIAN!!! -- by... when I remember how to write.  I have probably a hunnred'n fifty words of the next bit.  Did I even link you lot to the last bit?  Oops.  Wonders.  There you go.  Beware cuteness.  Anyway, what I have of the next one is really nothing but a few Yer Mom jokes in succession.  Which is not quite enough to submit.  Sadly.

7. Sleep.  I get the feeling this is going to happen, and none of the others are.

Holy crap, I am incapable of shutting up.  And it took me an hour to figure it out.
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