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Ye Olde Wryter's Blocke

I have so much crap to write.  XD

Zokay, kids.  Which is funny that I say that, because I think pretty much all my super-special-awesome LJ friends are actually older than me.  *young and impressionable*


By June 4: Metamorfic Moon fic due.  Good prompt.  No motivation.  Blah.  Impending failure.  Want to write something with guns.

By June 27: Random Challenge issued by one of the small cadre of random deviantART friends I have whom I don't know.  It has decided to be high fantasy and, since the advent of seeing three Indiana Jones movies over the course of two days, will now have a traipsing through mysterious subterranean structure bit.

By June 22: All of Cataracta.  Lessee.  Almost one of the five acts is finished, and it totals fifty thousand words, and it took the entire month of November to write said fifty thousand words.  Oh dear.

By Why Haven't I Finished This Yet?!: "Stars," the latest with Sam and Adrian.  For some reason, all I have is some mediocre banter at the beginning.  Well... I guess it's not too mediocre... but still...

By Ummm... August?: The third part of the "Her and Me" trilogy, which needs to write itself now.  C'mon.  Write yourself.  Ready?  Go.  I said, Go.  GO.

By One of These Days: The rather different Dramione fic I've had a multitude of little ideas for and nonetheless haven't gotten crap done on.  Eughghghghghgh.  Is pretty much the summary of it.

My brother and I talked for forty-five minutes last night, which brought us to three-fifteen, and then we had to get up at nine-thirty for the drive back, and I am sleepy.  But in a good way. :]
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