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There are many thingies to report upon.  Upon which to report.  Yeah, that.

Two super-quick movie reviews.  There be no spoilers. :O  ...except for a tiny one for the Simpsons movie... because I want to spoil you, my darlings. :)

The Simpsons Movie!

Easily summed up: it's quite funny, in the usual Simpsons way; they actually sustain the plot pretty well; there are a few of the usual surprisingly-poignant family-values moments; and it is at once sad and utterly hilarious when they kill Green Day in the first couple minutes.

*moment of silence for Green Day's animated alter egos*

Iron Man!

This movie review requires a translator.


Translator: Ah... Robert Downey Jr. is incredibly endearing, the special effects are fantasmic, the theater sound was AAAWEEEESOOOOME, the cars are cool, the occasional snippets of product placement are highly amusing, the scripting is snappy, and the action sequences are to die for.  The first half hour is also amazingly gritty, but in a very good way, and the character of Tony Stark... well.  Just watch it.  Also, the last line of the movie encapsulates so much pwnage it can't even be qualified.

In other news, I writed things.  Or posted things, anyway.

Smoke and Moonlight
- LUPIN/SIRIUS SLASH WUT?! was bound to happen.  This doesn't mean Tonks and I aren't getting along; just that I thought of this little guy and churned it out a little while ago.  And I'm actually really pleased with the end result, so... yeah. ^_^

Woman - Um, I don't know where these things come from.  It's on dA, and it's not mature-warning'd, so you can go read it even if you don't have yourself an account.  Though if you were choosing between the two, I'd go with the slash.  Because it won't cause you to doubt the stability of my psyche.  Yeah.

ANYHOO...  That's just about all for today, folks.  *is boring*
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