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That Was Close...

Good Heavens, what adrenaline.  Submitted my metamorfic_moon fic at the last possible second.  Figured LJ would count the post from when I started it, i.e. at 11:37 PM, rather than when I technically posted it, i.e. at 12:01 AM, but wasn't entirely confident until I did post the damn thing.

So without further ado....

Title: Indisputable
Rating & Warnings: PG.  As for warnings… well.  Substance abuse on the part of the author, the substance in question being said author’s brain.  Friends don’t let friends write weird.  Also, there are a lot of little references to the monologue the prompt is from, which can be found here. :)
Prompts: “Frailty, thy name is woman!” (Hamlet, I.ii.146) and “charm”
Word Count: 2262
Summary: An ordinary afternoon in Grimmauld Place gives way to an extremely odd stakeout for a certain witch and werewolf duo.
Author’s Notes: I had more trouble with this fic than you can possibly imag… well, you’re all pretty creative, so you probably can imagine.  Suffice to say I had no ideas, I changed my mind eighteen times, and then, when I buckled down, it still fought tooth and nail every step of the way.  Jeez. XD  Also, I did my best to self-Brit-pick, but… I apologize in advance for my American-bred lameness.

It's practically crackfic; read at your own risk here.

It was pretty damn close at the end, har har har.  I also owe [info]eltea my life, as usual, for a supafast beta at the last possible second.  Srsly, this girl is the shit, and I adore her. x)

...and not just when she's terribly useful; what do you mean to imply? D:

I bought three pairs of jeans for fifteen dollars each today, and I am pleased with myself.

Also, I'm utterly exhausted, and I'm going the hell to bed now. XD
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