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Day One

Road Trip, Day One:
Tierfal's status: alive
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YessirreeBob, I am going to be giving you a play-by-play at every possible opportunity.  Run.  Run FAST.

For starters, I'm never quite sure why my family is determined to put itself through a road trip every summer.  All of us.  Confined.  For a week.  In each other's volatile company.  Sounds like a recipe for... DEATH, maybe?

But we do.  Well, my mom suggests it, and for some reason I get all excited and have this idea like it'll be stunningly awesome.  Uhh.  I plead the Fifth.

I got off to a slightly rocky start this morning, as I was up earlier than strictly necessary, which is never a good thing, and then repacked the bag o' tricks that I put together yesterday at a reasonable hour, because my mom said it was too big and I should put it in my normal, non-computer-y backpack.  So I did.  Muttering.  Hauled it back out, only for my step-dad to inform me that my computer would get destroyed if I tried to drag it around in that bag.  Repacked it again.  Busted caps.  Killed people.  Generally got off to a poor start.  Then took myself by the shoulders, shook vigorously, and repeated "LET IT GO" for a little while, which, oddly, worked.  All was well.

So anyways, we had lunch at a Denny's in Williams, CA, which is pretty much smack-dab in the dead center of nowhere.  In my experience, as a born-n'-bred suburbs kid, tiny towns are almost as awe-inspiring as massive cities, in a rather different way.  Everyone and their mother was at said Denny's.  I was amused.  And texted baronanriel about eighteen times.  And it was good.

As we drove past endless fields -- many of which grew, interestingly, sunflowers, which I didn't realize were in such demand -- we passed by a great deal of thunderstorm weather, which is something that we really just don't get at home.  Right after we sidled out of Denny's, not too much worse for the wear, we got rained on out of a half-blue, half-clouded sky, and the weather hung around awhile.  It was kind of fun sitting there, letting the music gradually destroy my fragile eardrums, and searching the faint blue veil of the rain for lightning.  There was actually kind of a lot of it.

Then not much else happened.  Until...


Do not be fooled into believing that I am even remotely adept at taking photographs.  I have at least a dozen pictures of blurry trees when they leapt into the frame.  I cursed a great deal of foliage to a thousand fiery hells.  My sister laughed at me.  It was good, clean, tree-hating fun.  Now you no longer have to worry that a year at UC Berkeley has turned me into a tree-hugging hippie; I hate the damn things.  LEAF-LADEN BASTARDS!  I HATE YOU ALL!  JUST WAIT 'TIL I COME BACK WITH A FLIPPING CHAINSAW, AND YOU'LL GET WHAT'S COMING TO YOU!

Anyway, as we progressed onwards nearer Oregon, there were a few interesting towns in succession.  Unfortunately, my mom's head was in the way a lot, since the only way to take pictures of street signs that I know of is to attempt to zoom in on them through the front windshield, and seeing as how I was sitting in the back row of the minivan, that proved something of a trial.  Nonetheless, I shall regale you.  It's my job.

Weed, California.  Are you surprised?  'Cause I'm not.  (Especially since there are all those "< WEED   > COLLEGE" pictures out there, but hush.)

Yreka, California.  When Wreka and Xreka just aren't enough.

I was amused by the fact that there was a Ditch Creek Road.  I mean, really?  "Me?  Well, I live just down Ditch Creek Road..."

We were BORED, okay?

Eventually, we managed to get into the lovely state of Oregon, which, like much of California, has an utterly endless supply of trees.  It's really slightly frightening.  Just how many TREES there are.  I mean, damn.  The trees.  They're... trees.  That are everywhere.  Bein' all... tree-ish.

I told you I was on crack.

In other news, we got here, and then we hung around and watched three-quarters of the new "The Longest Yard" movie with Adam Sandler, which was surprisingly not-gag-reflex-inducing.

I also read the final hundred pages of the book baronanriel lent me about two weeks ago. :D

The Legend of Nightfall by Mickey Zucker Reichert

Suffice to say that it's awesome.  Like made of awesome.  Nightfall is one of the best anti-heroes I've ever encountered, bar none.  He's got you rooting for him the whole time, and the inevitable character development and what have you never feels fake.  I'm rushing this, 'cause I have to go wrangle siblings, but if you're a high fantasy person, hit it up.  You'll thank me later.  Well, you'll thank baronanriel.  But same difference.  Much action and hijinks and amusement are involved, so do yourself a favor and introduce yourself to the inimitable Mr. Nightfall.  NAO, KEEDS.  :D

Aw, God, time to go do other things.  How am I going to survive when there are, like, actual things planned?
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