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22 June 2008 @ 08:18 pm
Day Two  

...temporarily, at least.

Today is eltea's birthday, which, because I am teh uber-lamez, I am missing.  DAMN.  In any case, my darlingest darling is hella old now, but I think she's still got a couple good years left in 'er.  HUGS FOR EVERYONE, though she gets dibs.  Hugs are rather cheaper than drinks, you know.  And more fun.

eltea, snugglemuffin, please don't mold.  I luff you the way you are now.

(This is what we call apostrophe, because eltea is actually performing in a show right now, ergo I cannot actually be addressing her.)

CRIPES, I'm even less coherent than I feared.

I have an image-spam-filled excuse, though, which is called...

From nine-thirty this morning until about six-thirty this evening, with a stop for lunch and occasional rest stop breaks that I didn't generally utilize, in the car, with my entire family.  DEATH!

Okay, no, it wasn't that bad.  My attention span wouldn't hold out for literature, either read or written, however, so I just melted my ears with music the entire time.  It was enjoyable.  I think.  I did a lot of trying to fall asleep and failing.  And also entertained myself by texting baronanriel approximately three billion times.

...he was texting me back, OKAY?  I wasn't just, like, throwing texts at him so that the next time he looked at his phone, he had seven billion texts broaching seven billion different subjects.

There are many trees in Oregon and Washington.  MANY.  It's like there's this topographical carpet, and someone scrunched it up to make a bunch of hills, and around here, it's bushy and green.

Also, the clouds were weird.

Check out those funny clouds.

Also, Portland, which we just kind of zipped through this time around, looks really nice.  It's like San Francisco, only with space.

More of Portland:

Wouldn't it be pimp to work in an office that looked like this one?

The bridge into Washington:

Amusingly, the hotel we're in now is right next to Wizards of the Coast.  Which is the company that makes Pokemon and Magic cards.  Which all good losers know.  Dur.  Look at that shiny building.  SHINY!

The other upside of all this driving-like-there's-no-tomorrow thing is the fact that it's sixty degrees here and more like, ah, ninety at home.  LAWL WIN.  \o/

I'm a bit off at the moment, but I will do my best to catch up on all you peeps' entries.  And stuff.  Yeah.  *pokes brain*

Brain: *squish*

An ominous onomatopoeia, to say the least.
Feeling: sleepysleepy
(Deleted comment)
Vitamin Ctierfal on June 23rd, 2008 06:14 am (UTC)
Yay indeed! :D

(Uh... they looked weird to me. All kinda bunchy and stuff. We have extraordinarily boring weather back home, so I'm probably overreacting. XD)