Vitamin C (tierfal) wrote,
Vitamin C

Day Three

Oh, God, is it really only three days?


So we did tourist-y things in Seattle today.  We wandered the huge market-thing they've got, which was a bit like the one in New Orleans that I saw in July '05, except that instead of Mardi Gras masks, there were bouquets of flowers and seafood stands everywhere, and it was cold instead of so humid you were pretty sure that if you bought something, you'd stick to the vendor.

My camera is now doing its "I HAZ NO BATTERY LOLZ" shut-down thing, which is generally temporarily remediable by way of turning it back on and pretending nothing ever happened, which is my usual electronics strategy.  But eventually that, too, fails, and it's a bit of a hassle.  Maybe I'll have to, like, actually, like, buy more batteries or something.  Blasphemy!

You know you want moar pic spam.  Hush, now.

So here's Seattle.

Also, the Seattle Art Museum abbreviates to SAM.  I will spare you most of the double-entendres waiting to happen.

Somebody did sidewalk art!

The manholes were kind of awesome.  The Converses are mine, of course. :P

Then we went to the locks, which is where they raise and lower ships in the canal, 'cause it's not level.  Uhh... Wikipedia will explain it better than I ever could.

Part of what I like about Seattle is just the water.  It makes it feel kind of open in a way that most cities of that size aren't, somehow.

So here's where they stick the salmon that are trying to get through the river... or... um... something; I didn't read the explanatory signs, 'cause I had a headache, which the rushing water was not helping. XD

They also had a nice garden-thing. :)  OMG TRELLISES!!!!!!eleven

But yeah.  Other than the whole trying-to-sleep-all-day-and-failing thing, not too terribly bad.

So we'll see how the rest of this crap goes.

I wanna go home and chill with mah peeps alreeeaaadyyyyy. XD
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