Vitamin C (tierfal) wrote,
Vitamin C

Day Four

Tomorrow, it'll be halfway done.  WHOOOOOO.

So we're in Canada now, which kind of worries me.

There actually isn't much picspam this time, 'cause my camera battery is virtually dead, and I spent the vast majority of the car ride trying and failing to sleep.

Not much at all took place today... Basically, we drove from Renton to Richmond.  We had to wait eons to cross the border, 'cause they were interrogating everyone as they went through.  Srsly, they asked my stepdad what he did for a living and what he was doing in Canada and how long he'd be there and stuff.  I was like, "...?", and then went back to trying to get to sleep.  The one time I was almost there, shuffle on my iPod picked the Carmen Prelude, which happens to be a great deal louder than the song before it was.  It was scarring.

Have some trees.

I felt kinda like I was in "Jesus of Suburbia" this morning at a rest stop somewhere in Washington -- I read the graffiti in the bathroom stall / Like the Holy Scripture in a shopping mall, etc.... Everybody and their mother had written down their names and those of the boiz with which each was infatuated.  I waxed all philosophical, which was probably partly due to the fact that this wasn't long after the whole almost-sleeping-until-Bizet-foiled-me episode.  I mean, how can you know which of those names in hearts are declarations of everlasting love and which are confessions?  How many are just wishful thinking?  And then there was the one inscription of "We're all the same," scrawled in the middle of a field of hearts.

Uhh, I have issues.

We had dim sum today in Richmond, and it was pretty good, though the best part was utterly indubitably when we informed a waiter that we hadn't gotten our second order of something, and his response was, I shit you not, "You wanted two, eh?"

Even better, he brought the desired dish and declared, "Here's your pork buns, eh?"


We spent the whole meal making fun of Canadians, however, which was probably dangerous.  I also cracked up when there was a big hockey commercial on the television not far away.  Lawl, Canucks...!

But yeah, just five more days to go....


I'm coming back, love
Cool Heathcliff
My one dream
My only master

- "Wuthering Heights" - Pat Benatar -

This song gave me unrealistic expectations about the book.  Like expectations that the book wouldn't suck.
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