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A Quick (?!) Introduction

Because I am a masochist, I've given into the immense temptation and joined [info]brigits_flame, which is a prompt-giving writing community.  Accordingly, I shall now regale my darling regulars and all the unfortunate members of the community with an introduction. >:D

Howdy, folks.  I'm Tierfal, and I write stuff.  I decided at the tender age of twelve that it was my destiny to become a best-selling literary phenomenon, and while that particular fate is taking its sweet time in coming, I've been dabbling here, there, and everywhere ever since.  I wouldn't be half the writer I am today -- hell, I wouldn't even be alive today -- if it wasn't for the inimitable [info]eltea, who is my bestest pal EVAR and a frighteningly brilliant individual in general.

I have ridiculous quantities of fanfiction uploaded to and Ink, and I'm adding original fiction to my deviantART page at an alarming rate that strongly supports the well-established theory that I have no life.

My constant and long-standing addictions are chocolate and eltea, and my rather newer ones are My Chemical Romance and baronanriel. ;)

You may now return to your normally-scheduled lives. :P
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