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Day Five


Today started out really crappy, but then it turned out to be totally amazing.  I love it when that happens...

Let the picspamming commence!

So here's Stanley Park.

And here's some of regular ol' Vancouver.  Not sure why that giant blow-up baby decided to be in that picture.  Inexplicable.

Here's a bit more of Vancouver.  I just love how much WATER there is everywhere; it's kind of awesome. ^^

Then we hopped on a ferry to go to Victoria, and the scenery was pretty fantasmic.

Here's the wake from the boat, though the reason I'm really posting it is to show the wind.  All that yellow-y stuff is my hair, which was everywhere. :P


This is Cat King, the newest member of our family.  My brother has adorned every Stephen King author's portrait he has, and he has quite a few.  This one is from The Shining.  Mah bruvver is an artist. :D

Our hotel has a pretty snazzy view as well, which is good, 'cause my parents are paying a crapload for it.

More of the view:

There are flowers hung on all the lightposts, which is also amazing.  There were some of those in Seattle, but these are even prettier. :)

Here's a bit of the harbor -- oh, pardon me, HARBOUR. :P

/American English chauvinist

And a bit more of that...

Here's their parliament building, with one of the myriad horse-drawn carriages in front of it.

And here are a few more flowers.  'Cause I like flowers a wee bit too much.

Then we had an amazing dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory, complete with spumoni at the end, but that wasn't even the best part.  Oh, no.  The "recycled fibre" on the back of the napkins was pretty good, yeah, and the "centre"s everywhere have been entertaining me (all due apologies to genuine English-speakers who may now feel inclined to throw extra U's at me vigorously).  But the best part... was the waiter.

He actually said, in fairly rapid succession, "Here's more bread, eh?", "Oh!  I'm soerry," and then "Here's the check -- I'm not trying to rush you oot."

I practically died of joy. x)

Then we made fun of Canadian accents all the way back to the hotel.  Which was probably a six- or seven-minute walk, aboot.


That's all I know.
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