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Day Seven

So there's more epic picspam.  I'm ALMOST HOME, GUYS.  *crawls through parched desert, on hands and knees, panting*

Here we go again, darlings!

So we hopped on a ferry in Victoria this morning in order to zoom our way to Port Angeles, Washington.  And I took about a billion pictures, as usual...

So this is the harbo...ur... at Victoria. ;)

These are our shadows off the side of the boat, next to the American flag.  I though it looked kinda dramatic. :P

Have some seaplanes.

And some mandatory scenery...

Here's the wake of the boat.

And now some plain old Washington scenery, without all that water and crap in the way. D:<, I love the water. XD

I had a tough time getting the yellow flowers.  While they were everywhere, I was taking pictures out the window as we went shooting down the highway, soooooo...


It was virtually impossible to get a halfway-decent picture of Mount Rainier.  Which is not to say that I didn't try. ;_;

This is the rather amazing Italian restaurant in Renton where we had dinner. :D

So that was pretty much today. x)

And now my bb eltea needs to get done knocking the audience's socks off, 'cause she's performing, and when she's done, she can beta my entry for the contest that ends... today. D:

*clings to eltea's ankles from eight hundred miles away and gets dragged on-stage, ruining the entire play*
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