Vitamin C (tierfal) wrote,
Vitamin C

Day Eight

Almost hoooommeeeee! :D

So I managed to submit for that contest.  By six minutes.  All hail eltea, plot genius and beta goddess!

Turned out pretty well, though if I'd had today, I feel like I could have clarified a lot of things and made it much prettier on the whole.  Eh.  Close-the-hell-enough.  I wrote a lot of it in a moving car, in my defense.  And got a little carsick during the climax.  It was intense, doods.  INTENSE.

Now that I have over-pimped the hell out of it...  "I was six when I found out how I was going to die."

I then proceeded to start the spin-off piece for Mark Kessley of the Sam and Adrian universe.  <3 Mark.  Fer serious.  He amuses me. x)

After that brief literary interlude, we return to our regularly-schedule picspam.

And, for some variety, MORE blah!

I took lots of unnecessary scenery pictures today.  And lots of pictures of FRIGGING CARS that hopped into the frame and ruined a series of what would have been nice photographs.  *pouts in the corner*

Well, to start us off, we know how much I hate random scenery.  Especially when there's water involved.  AAUGH, get it AWAY!

I assume this is Portland again...  Too lazy to compare... *flops around*

Kinda weird how much of the country looks like this.  Or at least this part of the country.

Trees! a rest stop...

Though it's a prime example of the window reflection ruining pictures, that's not why I included this particular shot.  I did that 'cause it shows two of my favorite things: my iPod and Nightrunner!  NIGHTRUNNER!!!!

Seriously, that book gets around.  Which is because it is the shit.

More mountains.  Yawn.  It canz be home tiem now plz?

Welp, there were good times to be had, but I'm still extremely glad that my next entry will be from my luverly house.  Huzzah!! that's that.
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