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Y Hallo Thar

Noticed my conspicuous four-day absence, HAVE YOU?

Well.  I was five hours away.  And only just got back today.  And was checking LJ a little bit here and there on eltea's beast of a computer, though the internet at the hotel was so obscenely slow that I was a bit negligent and mostly just cruised.

I now have "Cruiser" running through my head.  Damn you, the Cars!

...Got cut from brigits_flame.  Am a bit put-out, because I thought mine was a really potent entry.  Hate popularity contests and all variants of them that pretend to be other things.  Didn't win a thing over at metamorfic_moon, either, as I discovered a few days ago.  Am apparently a loser lately.  Ah, well.  Had a nice day of gaping at massive trees, frying in the car listening to My Chemical Romance, and then toodling around with baronanriel for a while upon returning home.  The usual.

I am babysitting for teh moneyz tomorrow afternoon and then probably toodling around some more, but when I acquire a brain (which, unfortunately, may be never at this rate), I will attempt to go into painstaking detail about the trip.  'Cause it was highly enjoyable, and I would like to remember those details at a later date.  Y'know.

*rubs eyes emphatically*
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