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San Fran According to Plan!

Yee-up, we went to San Francisco today, because one of my step-dad's uncles is a dentist, so he and my mom get their dental work done there.  And then we have dim sum. 8D

If you personify it, maybe...?

So yeah, sadly, I was dragged out of bed at eight this morning (worse because I was up until three writing a scene with eltea, and was up until four writing Thursday...) in order to be able to take a shower and go.  Narrowly managed to.  Didn't manage to get breakfast, however, which, as you shall see if you are masochistic enough to peruse the following paragraphs, ended up being something of a problem.

My stepdad's uncle's practice is right past the Cable Car museum, ergo pretty deep in the heart of Chinatown.  Since getting into the actual office takes about forever and a day, we went to walk around.  To the right, not far away, was a coffee shop, and to the left was a staggering, typical San Francisco downhill slope.  Yours truly, being sleep-deprived and having had pushed my sixty-pound brother in his stroller up the hill from the parking garage, was in something of a state of... stupid.  Ergo I lead onward to the left.

By the time we'd gotten a ways off, I had come to the inevitable realization that if I eventually tried to push the stroller back up to the office without first putting calories in my bloodstream, I would pass out.  Thus began the Quest for a New Coffee Shop.  We found one in North Beach, which is even further downhill, and I got some truly delectable blueberry coffee cake.  Mmmmm.

Then I almost died on the way back up the hill.  That was probably a fifty-degree incline.  Y'know.  San Fran and what-all.  My stepdad, a many years' SF resident, noted when we explained our route that we'd picked just about the steepest cross-street in the area to get where we wanted.  Of course.  But at least we didn't get lost, I suppose.

And I do get paid eleven bucks an hour for this crap, so I suppose I can almost-earn it every now and again.  As long as it doesn't become a habit.

Then we had dim sum, and it was amazing, as is invariably the case with dim sum.  We went to a place my family used to frequent with my stepdad's parents, which I haven't been to in a good half a decade, and I was terribly disappointed to discover that the koi (and water) had been removed from their epic fountain-koi pond downstairs, replaced instead with... Astroturf.


Then I was amused by this sticker on the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom:

Usually I only have one step to worry about.  I don't know if I can take this kind of pressure. D:

Between various waitings and sitting-in-the-car-ings, I got a bit of work done on fledgling Death Note fics, which makes me happy. 8D

...this whole entry sounded so much more exciting in my head... XD
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