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I will attempt to make this brief

In the hopes of not boring you all to death -- because, really, I like you guys a great deal, and it'd be terrible to kill you with my absolute non-interesting-ness.

Now, you may remember all the useless whining I've done about not sleeping enough lately, which is a direct result of the fact that there are more fun things to do than sleeping, like writing scenes with eltea, going to just-graduating-seniors' goodbye parties, and writing scenes with eltea.  And then, for some variety, writing scenes with eltea.

Pretty solid plan, except when you have to get up at a reasonable hour the next morning.  Guh.  Last night we were up until almost five, and then I had to get up at nine to head to school, sign the lease for the apartment, get my keys, and toss a couple boxes into my prospective room.  baronanriel, excellent chauffeur as the young man is, managed to put up with me, sleep- and sentience-deprived as I was.  Then again, I did buy him lunch.

Then we stopped by Borders, and I found an Encyclopedia of Mythology in the uber-bargain shelf and bought it for my sister, and then we stopped by the house of a friend who was having a party and who happens to live down the street from (you guessed it!) eltea.  So I got to see her, too, for a couple minutes, anyway. XD

Yeah, that's about all that happened; I'm done now. :P

More Death Note fanfiction ("Rubble," possess of a kind of quietly awed tone, I'd like to think) for interested parties.  Spoilers for book nine, though, 'cause I'm cool like that.  And I'll probably be posting a series of drabbles starting tomorrow, and would've today, but that I only just got home.  GAWD but this stuff is addicting. 8D  This is how the Harry Potter fic began, too: with wild enthusiasm and ideas right, left, up, down, and sideways.

eltea needs to get back from going to dinner so we can write scenes until ungodly hours of the morning.  By which I mean, um, so I can go to bed at a suitable hour and no longer be exhausted and incoherent.  Yeah, that one. O:-)
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