Vitamin C (tierfal) wrote,
Vitamin C

A Mediated Rant

I think other people should get enraged by this as well.

The first day I was waiting for my astronomy class to start, I got there about twenty minutes early and sat down against a wall, because this is what I do when I am obscenely early for classes.  It is a frequent occurrence, and may cosmically adjust for the fact that I am obscenely late to everything else.

So I was sitting there writing/staring off into space/with one earbud in, and this girl with dark curly hair, a white long-sleeved shirt, and a pink half-sleeve coat, carrying a handbag rather than a backpack, highly made-up, came up and encountered a friend that she seemingly hadn't too recently.  They started talking, and This Girl went on to tell the story that I will paraphrase for you now.

"Oh!  So I got this scholarship check over break, and it was good for about $1,500, and the first thing I did was go to the mall. (laughter) I spent so much!  I just told my dad that it was worth five hundred, because when he puts money into my bank account, he'll be like, 'Where did this money come from?', right?  But yeah, it was awesome."

I doubt I have to emphasize the fact that there are probably countless students here, even at this public school, with its state funding and what have you, who are fighting for every dollar with which to pay their tuitions.  I doubt I have to emphasize the utter insipidity and simple ingratitude demonstrated by this paradigm of everything I hate about smarmy girls with designer clothing.  I doubt I have to emphasize that it has been nagging at my brain for obvious reasons, hence the fact that I am recording it here in hopes of getting it out of said brain.

I doubt I have to emphasize that I love parallel structure.  <3

But I couldn't leave you with something just depressing, so... here's Yadrogan.

(He does not belong to you, and he wouldn't want to anyway, or at least not for more than one night.)

Tags: colored art, rant
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