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Couple More Icons

Because you can never have too many icons.

Also because I can't write today, because I'm a lame-o.

w00t for lame-os?  We're like Cheerios, but slightly less edible and a lot less awesome.

And less cheery, but that's a given.

Now that we're familiar with my affiliation for homicidal maniacs...

But first, three of Gevanni.  Because he is hardcore awesome and gets no love.  Gorgeous eyes, too.


Ah, here we go.



I call this one "Near Is a Badass."  He is, in his way.  I really love that.

Now for the editorial I promised.  **Spoilers** for the anime and the basic plotline of the whole series, I suppose.

So in the manga, in one of the most powerful panels in twelve volumes, Matsuda shoots Light, and then Light's ROF...D (Rolling On the Floor Dying).  And then they talk stuff over, and then Ryuk kills him, as promised, and he crawls around like the slug he is, howling and pleading and carrying on until you almost pity him just because the intricate little world he's come to rule has crumbled around his ears.  They throw a couple flashbacks in to the effect that he's headed for Mu (headed directly for Mu; do not pass Go; do not collect two hundred dollars), and then he raves a little more and succumbs.

In the anime, kid takes frigging ten minutes to kick the damn bucket.  He gets shot a couple times, then slips out the door when Mikami self-destructs.  (There are theories about Mikami's spontaneously-exploding cardiovascular system, and it looks like he stabs himself somehow with his pen and then starts doing his best geyser impression... but hell if I know.)  Everyone moves forward, but Near says something to the effect of "Let him go; he doesn't have long."

Now, that I don't like, because it's stupid and nonsensical and out-of-character besides, but what they do after almost vindicates it in some ways -- there's this long, very quiet scene where Light's staggering alongside this chain-link fence with the sun going down behind him, and it's all dreadfully symbolic.  The first time I was sitting through it, I was starting to get reminded of Dally's death in the movie version of The Outsiders: in the book, the cops fire on him, and he crumples under a streetlight, and the scene ends.  In the movie, the cops fire on him, and he crawls around on the pavement for literally three minutes, getting shot at some more and making some really odd faces of "anguish" or whatever it is he thinks he's doing.  The acting in that movie was so bad it was hard to tell exactly.  In any case, though, in the Death Note scene, they end up doing this really understated juxtaposition bit, where as a bleeding, broken Light stumbles one way, you get these interspersed frames of the old Light, the one who was good in school and helped his sister and was mostly just bored, walking the other direction.  Before they converge, Light finds his way into some other abandoned warehouse, where he manages to make it partway up the stairs before collapsing.  Ryuk, perched up on some spire or another, silhouetted against the clouds, writes his name, and just as the credits start to roll and Light's eyes start to close for the last time, you see a faint, ghostly image of L before him.  They don't say anything about how far he's fallen; what he's become; this thing in him that has possessed him, pulled him, and now finally destroyed him.  And I can't help but pity him in that moment, if only just because there was so much hope in the beginning, and he was so naive.

And that I really, really like.


**no moar spoilarz**

Have a couple icons.


Sadly, this post is the most productive thing I've done all day.

Time to go beat my head against a wall in the hopes that when my skull cracks, I bleed words.

My mommy is going to make apple pie tonight.  I am fucking excited.

...that's all I got.
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