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Hopefully not TOO hardcore angst... I'd hate to bore you any more than is strictly necessary. :P

WHO IS THAT SEXY MAN IN MY ICON??  *waves flirtatiously at Mikami*

baronanriel: DX

Er, /gratuitous fangirling...

They did lie to me.  THREE TIMES.

Lie 1: Yesterday, the guy told me he'd call me with an estimate "by the end of the day."  I had my phone on all night.  Nada.

Lie 2: When I swung by in the morning, the sign said "Open," as did their hours, but the door was locked.  I knocked a few times and stood there a while, but no one showed up.  The BASTARDS.

Lie 3: When the guy told me it was going to put me back four hundred bucks at the least, he said he'd put my computer back together, and I could think about it.  He said, and again I quote, "You can come back later and get it."  I said, and again I quote, "Can I come back about five?", and he said, and AGAIN I quote, "Sure."  So, when I saunter in at five, he's not there, and the lady who looks for my machine.  She can't find it, so she says, "He should probably be back in five or ten minutes if you want to wait," and offers me a seat.  I don't take it.  A minute or two later, she says, "I'll call him and see where he is."  Turns out he hasn't even reassembled the damn thing.



In happier news, I talked to my stepdad, and I'm just going to attempt to subsist sans computer for a few days, after which I'll go home and hook it up to my old desktop monitor.  I'll bring that back here to school with me, and in the meantime my stepdad, eBay Master Extraordinaire, will see if he can't find another computer of my model with (a) busted inner workings but a decent screen; or (b) everything in working order, cheaper than four hundred bucks and a more-than-suitable replacement.

So that should work out.  And my roommate will be squirming with joy, since I usually never leave my room but have lately been holed up here in the library at every opportunity.

So there's that.

Today I got back not one, but TWO papers.  Count 'em.  My seminar teacher gave me a B, which I think was a gyp.  She's probably just jealous that I have remotely semi-legible handwriting, which she LACKS.  I got an A- on the Shakespeare one, which was deserved, 'cause it was a good essay.  Damn right.

Not much else to report, that I remember.  I find it stupid and wrong that there isn't a word processing program to be found on these library computers.  Not only does that doom my French essay, it bodes very ill for my brigits_flame piece this week.  Then again, I can always... um... write it within an email...

Which is what I've been doing for fanfiction, since typing it up makes me feel secure.  I was at it for literally three hours yesterday, what with all the crap I had accumulated from the weekend.  And there's more today!  Hoorah!

I swear I had other things to talk about.  I guess they weren't very important...

My Shakespeare midterm got moved back, which is good?

I have a bit of a headache, probably from all the computer trauma/traipsing around in full sunlight trying to deal with said computer trauma.

This undulating-pixel-y screen probably isn't helping.  I really ought to pick a different one...

OH I remember the other thing.  No, you're not free yet.

Yes, my computer is my baby... is that... weird?

Anyway... I was realizing this yesterday when I was sitting, computerless, at my desk, reading The Taming of the Shrew and then gazing morosely at an empty page of binder paper, trying not to get progressively more pathetic.  It's not just the countless bites' worth of pictures.  It's not just that My Documents pretty much encapsulates my life, in stages, since the seventh grade.  It's not just my Bookmarks tab on Firefox or the L collage that is my desktop background.  It' s not just the thousand and one hundred songs on iTunes (including some truly wonderfully-awful music which, God DAMNIT, I hadn't been able to load to  my iPod before all this shit went down). All those things are tremendously important to me, of course.  But what might be the most important thing, or at least the one I miss the most, is having the world -- and, more importantly still, you guys -- quite literally at my fingertips.  Last night, I was lonely.  I felt isolated.  Shut out, and shut up.  And, y'know, people like me?  The kind who never have too little to say?  We don't take that well.

On the upside, I do my homework much more diligently when I'm down all those distractions...

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