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Faithfully Wasting All of Our Time

So let's talk about Death Note fic. Because I want to.

First, pimpage that you MUST observe.

Alive by Alien ABC's
What was Lind L. Tailor's crime, and why was his case kept so secret? Wammy's House, the number Thirteen, and the month of October. Some ghosts are hard to lay to rest.

Why must you observe it? Because it is Halloween incarnate. Because it has a brilliant mystery gearing up to blow your mind, and because said brilliant mystery is poignantly encased in autumnal reverence, beautiful characterizations, and exquisitely adorable Wammy's fluff. 8D

Okay. Now let's talk about fic.

I was feeling good a couple minutes ago, and now I'm not sure. The food deprivation probably isn't helping. Neither is the prospect of four and a half hours of class. At least I've done all the pertinent homework, since computerlessness makes me so bored that I resort to finishing it on time...

Anyway. This is going to have no point whatsoever but for offering a little more unnecessary insight into the extremely disorganized manner in which I operate.

"The End Is Near" is coming along fairly well. I wrote eight-hundred-or-so words for it last night before fleeing the library, and about as much the night before. I think that's chapter fifteen... And should get me well over 27,000. Hoo-RAH. I made another banner for it in French the other day, wrought by boredom, but I obviously can't scan it due to the whole, y'know, no-computer-to-scan-to deal. Lame. Hopefully I won't forget about it once the computer situation is better remedied. Because it has Near twirling his hair, and he's cute. :3

The reason "TEIN" has been getting neglected is a little old fic I like to call "The Dawn of Remembered Time." It has the worst acronym ever: DoRT. Hahaha. Guh. Anyway, "Recorded History" fans rejoice, because DoRT starts off with the exact same premise -- drunken one-night stand -- but revolves around our friends L and Light instead of Mello and Matt. Yeah. And I switched off third-persons with every chapter, so there's twice as much angst potential, which explains why it's longer. Weirdly, despite the respective Emo Kid Anguish Moments entertained by both of our protagonists, it feels to me like a lighter fic. Maybe it's the whole not-cursing-each-other-out thing. Or the not-hating-on-each-other thing.

Or the fact that it has Light in it. Cue deluge of bad puns.

Yeah, so... I'm fairly pleased with it. Though hell if it doesn't start kind of weird. It sort of made itself come into being from some (as always) conversation eltea and I were having, so it decided that the first chapter was going to be largely flashback. Weird. I'll have to jam it full of "The rest really isn't like this!" warnings.

I'm sure you care. XD

Uhh... other news... I have a ton of shit to post once I get my computer up and running again. *crosses fingers and knocks on wood and whatever else people who believe in luck do to facilitate getting it* I've got (at last count/memory) four drabbles (for fun, let's see if I can remember what they're called -- "This," "Home," "Certainty," and "Enlightenment"...? Damn, I'm good. Or conceited. Or good at being conceited). Then I've got a oneshot called "Ghosts." It's depressing. Per the title. Uhh. I've still got a creepy fic in reserve, but I'm going to post that after "TEIN" gets me fluff fans, whom I can then scar for life. I've got that Mikami fic (which I still can't tell you anything more about without spoiling it) going. I've got at least three prompts from eltea that I've started, with varying degrees of promising-ness. And a Mello-centric that I hope will be really beautiful, if I can hit it right. And then two that eltea and I started over the weekend as collaborations. Lessee, what else is on the Post-Its above my desk, which I stare at regularly...? I forget. I think that's the big ones.

I've still got a Honeydew Syndrome ficlet sitting around, too. Hellz. And a short original piece that I don't want to make eltea beta because it's mostly just dark, and I know she doesn't really like dark stuff with no point, and she's busy with her own stuff anyway. XD

Blood-Red is going to get there, for those who are following it; obviously my computer woes have severely impacted its updating progress. Complainers will be shot. Or bashed over the head with my laptop.

On second thought, that would be a very bad idea; let's go with "shot." Or "hung at dawn."

In the non-fic-related sphere of whining, I keep going to bed at eleven, when my roommate does, simply because I have nothing better to do. This results in about nine hours of sleep. For some reason, I'm more tired than I tend to be with seven. Maybe nine's too much.

Over and out, loves.

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