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Hmm, a Thursday night composed of some mediocre attempts at prose?  Must be brigits_flame time!

I really don't like this one, but I couldn't do any better.  Thanks as always to eltea for the idea and the edit. XD

I’m starving.

The ground beneath me is ever so slightly damp in places, and I can’t help the satisfied hiss that escapes me as I suck it dry.  I turn the shriveled leaves to charred dust and move along.

The trees, next, perhaps—they raise crooked arms in supplication to the sky.  I crawl towards them, dart up them, and gnaw at their wrinkled skin, thick and stiff and tasteless, barring me from the tender flesh of their insides.  When I manage to cut through, I drain them and leave the withered shells to mark the place like gravestones.

My voice isn’t much to brag about and never has been, but I sing to myself as I trip cheerfully down the hillside, the grass crackling with me in a cacophonous harmony as I spread my arms wide to embrace it all, to blanket its breadth.  We must look so lovely, joined this way, melting together, but eventually I must abandon the hill as well.  I paint it black to give it something to remember me by.

I breathe into the sky, and fragments of ash twirl like snowflakes, flirting with the breeze that ushers them, stinging, into eyes and lungs and mouths.  I laugh softly, and no-longer-greenery sighs.

I’m still hungry.

I’m always hungry.

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