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Damn straight.

I was going to pound this out this morning, when I was even crackier, only I spent so long squealing over jenwryn's epic picspam that I didn't have time. 8D

So eltea and I were up until FOUR last night. XD

Admittedly, it took me until two to get the brigits_flame crap out of the way, but even after that... holy Jesus.  Ahahaha.

Blame the fucking scene; we both sat back from our screens unsure whether to laugh, cry, or spin around in circles until we fell down, and then we agreed that it was probably the single most melodramatic caps locks INTENSE thing either of us had ever written.  Holy Jesus.

Jesus: Knock it off, plz.

Tierfal's roommate: Jesus, please march her ass out the door and push her off of the third-story balcony.

Jesus: ...



This scene is seriously batshit fucking crazy.  [/gratuitous profanity]  SERIOUSLY, though.  I mean, we thought the damn thing had whipped us around the last couple days (it was, as you may have gathered, the reason I haven't gotten to bed before one all week, and that was only the one day; the rest were all two or later XD), and then... holy shit, guys.  Ho-ly shit.  MIND BLOWN.

We were toying when we started with the idea of trying to take the script-like format we write in -- for this is what we do -- and changing it into prose to post, and I think that was always sort of the vague goal even when we planned it (well, planned what it was supposed to be before it leapt off the rails and went careening into the countryside), but now it's practically mandatory.  Because we want the reviews that are like "YOU ARE SICK BASTARDS," and we want the ones that are like, "HOLY SHIT.  HOLY SHIT.  HOLY SHIT.  WHAT JUST HAPPENED.  WHY DID MY BRAIN JUST EXPLODE."

...yeah, now I've hyped the living daylights out of it, but for once I'm confident it'll measure up, provided that we can do the script work justice with the eventual prose.  It's a vastly different medium, so sometimes there are some hiccups in the translation, but... we've got to.  We HAVE to.  This is a must thing.


I have tons of school shit that probably won't get done this weekend.  Umm... Yeah.  Lulz. :P

Also, I was thinking while walking to class that I probably write my best shit at ungodly hours of the morning because, as I've noticed before, my brain just starts blurting out words when I'm teetering on the brink between hyper-awake and dead-tired, and often they're decent words.  I was realizing today that said brain also probably makes different connections when it's not entirely hinged.  I think that might make sense.  It does in my head.  Which is probably case in point.  Err...


More useless blathering when I don't have a train to catch. XD
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