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Behold the Wonders!

Behold the wonders of Tierfal's Thursday, that is! >D


Absentee ballots for the win.

Voting is sexy and everyone should do it. Except those loony-scary right-wing psycho-bigots who believe that homosexuality is a choice and a basis for discrimination.

In other news, it rained today. Not much, but a little, so there was much wet and damp. FINALLY, October. Yeah, I was getting a little sick of seventy-five and cloudless well into my autumn, thanks. XD

I am teh uber-excitedz to go hang out with my bb eltea tomorrow (hence another short period of mysterious LJ absence, though rest assured I'll be diligently stalking you all when possible), when we shall gorge ourselves on candy and suchlike. I love Halloween to death; dress-up never got old for me.

Nonetheless, I caught myself wishing it was Christmas again, and not just because I want my damn month off already knthnxplz. I want scarf-requiring frigidity and misty breath and that weird December aura of love and joy and whatever else Hallmark encourages as it undermines. XD I can't get over the sentimental aspect, more than anything else... I want gingerbread and Christmas cookies and Christmas lights, oooh I'd forgotten those. God, I love Christmas lights.


NaNo is probably going to be NaNot. Or more like NaCheat. I think I'm going to shoot for a grand-total-sum of fifty thousand words after all, refusing to differentiate between projects, because I have a ton of stuff I've begun and want to finish and am unwilling to put off for a whole month. Shame on me. XD

Speaking of things that are requiring of their flourishing finishes, the end of The End Is Near is near. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? OH, SNAP!) As always with projects this size, I'm really excited and also kind of sad. I've gotten really attached to these incarnations of the characters, and we've had some very good times together. And some miserable times, and some emo times, and we've wasted a damn lot of binder paper. I don't know if I'm ready to be done yet...

...which is what sequels are for. >D

I love how I always plan for sequels before I'm even done with the originals. I are dorkus.

Speaking of TEIN, I encountered another amazing pun today (er, TEIN is riotously full of them). The other day I kept meaning to mention the first. I saw this guy with a shirt with the state of California on it, anthropomorphized and shrugging, with the statement "Earthquakes -- not my fault!"

Today my history teacher said, "Carolingian Christianity, en masse...", and I was like LOL! 8D


Speaking of history (hot damn, I am on a segue REIGN OF TERROR), my teachers are absurdly unpredictable this semester. I turned in what I thought was an A+ midterm to my Shakespeare teacher and got back a B+. And I turned in what I thought was a middling B midterm to my history teacher and got an A-. What?! EPIC FAIL! Especially since I'm taking this history class Pass/Not Pass, which means I only need to get a C-, which means I'm conflicted, because I have until tomorrow to change it back and take it for a letter grade again, which might be a bad idea, but if I can blow off the midterm and then get an A-, maybe I should shoot for it, but then I'd feel obligated to work much harder...?


Speaking of things that are stupid, I actually made a list of all the things I was going to post about while I was sitting in history writing TEIN paying a great deal of attention to other things than just the inadvertent puns. And it has now run out of items.


Meet my new icon. 8D

...blame Jon Bon Jovi. And the fact that Matt is as hot as hell in summertime. Really. Show me cowboy!Matt, and I will show you a joygasm.

(I'm working on integrating cowboy!Matt into something and soon, if you were concerned. Wish I wasn't serious. ...who am I kidding; that is a TOTAL LIE because I love it. XD)

That is a right shitload of tags if I've ever seen one. 8D

Now I need to go type up all the TEIN I wrote in class so that eltea doesn't decide to refuse to feed me this weekend or something. D:

...nah, she'd get a much more creative revenge. :P The mind boggles. XD

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