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lol sleep lol.

[Note to self: Commence [info]brigits_flame piece before two-thirty in the morning next time, you flipping idiot.]

Err... prompt is "dine," and I really was about two centimeters away from just going to sleep instead, so... it reflects the current state of affairs. :P

All due credit to eltea for the premise and the beta. I love you, dear. XD

Damien glanced at Victoria as they drifted nearer and nearer to their unsuspecting prey.

Humans, for all their statement of sentience, for all their exaggerated accomplishments, for all their vainglorious monuments, were really quite oblivious.

Fortunately, they tasted like a pleasant dream. Damien and Victoria had dragged themselves from a deep drowse this evening and followed the unmistakable scent—and the gentle beat of the blood through veins, its siren’s voice soft but irresistible.

“The first one of the night’s always the sweetest,” Victoria declared.

“But the last is the most fulfilling,” Damien contended calmly, examining their prospects from a safe distance. “That you can’t deny.”

“I certainly can,” Victoria countered. “You just wouldn’t listen to me.”

Amusedly Damien looked her way. “Touché,” he conceded. He motioned elegantly to the juiciest of the lot. “Go ahead,” he offered. “Ladies first.”

Victoria chose not to rise to that, instead hovering just out of the human’s reach for a long moment, gauging the distance, making several careful calculations before, in a rush of wildness condensed and contained, she struck.

It was Damien’s turn next, and he chose his victim with care: female, pale, possessed of delicate dark hair.

Cautiously he moved in. Closer… Just a little closer still… He hadn’t yet been noticed…


Damien lighted on the woman’s neck, sunk his proboscis into her flesh, and sucked greedily.

He loved dining out.

[...Wikipedia says that only female mosquitoes drink blood. I say... Facts shmacts! 8D]

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