Vitamin C (tierfal) wrote,
Vitamin C


I post-ed a thiiiiing-yyyy!

It is the first part of my Kingdom Hearts thingy.  Although Reno isn't actually from Kingdom Hearts.  Don't blame me; blame the fangirls.

Laugh, motherfuckers.

Oh, Heavens, it is obscene! D:

...not that much, really; I just like that one word that starts with F.  It is highly applicable.

I am eating a Pop Tart.  :B

I finished editing TEIN today.  OH YEAH I should send it to eltea now.  I am sloooooow this evening. O_o

And getting progressively further behind on NaNo as I sit around twiddling my thumbs.  Whee! :D  *twiddles thumbs*

No, thank you; I would not like some mustard with my homework catch-up.  I don't like mustard.  True story.  Not fond of mayonnaise, either.

Though I DO like marmaladefever! :D
Tags: fanfiction update, randomness
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