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It does.  Right here.  Yup.

Time to make up some words, folks.

Also, here's the story of my day, pretty much.  Well, only the exciting parts, because the boring parts were boring.

It should be noted, as well, that, in my 'hood, we call our TAs GSIs.  It is code for "Graduate Student Instructors."  Because "TA" would obviously do irreparable damage to their fragile self-esteem.

And now, our feature, in which Tierfal goes in to talk to Javier, her TA GSI, about a paper on Gulliver's Travels.

Adventures in Office Hours

Javier: So do you have a passage?
Me: Yeah, here... (fumbles for Post-It-ed page, reads passage, etc. etc. etc.)
Javier: Okay.  So what are you thinking about writing?
Me: (invents some elaborate English-class BS)
Javier: Okay.
Me: So... tell me what to write.
Javier: I can't do that...
Me: But -- but -- but -- please?
Javier: No.
Me: Just a hint?
Javier: No.
Me: Just a smidgeon of a hint?
Javier: No.
Me: But -- but -- but -- whyyyyyy?
Jonathan Swift: hai guyz!!!!!11  o btw all humn endeavor iz futile 2 the pt of bein risible, k?
Javier: ...
Me: ...
Jonathan Swift: kthxbai
Javier: ...
Me: ...
Javier: Better?
Me: Fantabulousiriffic.

Admittedly, this is not a direct transcript.

But you get the idea.

Also, I saw a giant slug today.  It was HUGE.  Seriously.  It was this kind of yellow-y brown-y gray-y color (ignoring the fact that typing "gray-y" should be a crime meriting a few years' incarceration), and it was sitting on this (fortunately wide) staircase I ascended.  This other guy stopped to look at it.  I almost snapped a cell-phone picture, then was a dorkwad and didn't.  Sad.

Also also, it is tendentiously windy in these hyere parts, and I had my hair in one of those top-layer-pulled-back things.  (I once saw the term "pollyanna," but it sounds so irretrievably stupid that I usually omit all mention of it and pretend I know nothing.)  It never fails to amuse me when I look at my silhouette on the ground on such a day as today, as all the wispy, frizzy, freedom-seeking parts present themselves and float around absently.  I look like I have tentacles growing from my head.

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