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Carbohydrate Roller Coaster

I really think I need to, you know, I dunno, not get on this ride anymore.  I think it's just that simple carbohydrates carry me for a while, and then I come plummeting down like a bird shot out of the sky, and go smoosh.

Yes, smoosh.

Or splat.

The weather has been disgustingly beautiful lately.  The sun's out, and the sky is robin's-egg blue tinged with this kind of whitish, misty layer at the bottom that I guess is either smog, clouds, or angel spit.  (Which is a funny image by itself, but I digress.)  The grass is a Crayola green, and everyone's going around wearing flip-flops and tank-tops and other things that rhyme and show a little more than you wanted to see.

Mostly I'm just sleepy.  I've been having issues sleeping lately -- first of all just getting to bed, and then sleeping once I'm there.  It is no good.  NO GOOD.  Invalid code; please re-enter.

I have homework that I should be doing.  Fer sure.

Have some pointlessly-melancholy crap.

Dear Fool,

Maybe you just treat everyone that way, and I was simply conceited enough to hope that I was special.

Whatever the case, I'm over you, and I think it's the first time I've ever said that and actually meant it.

Not-So-Dear Boys Next Door,

I've heard that "Rock Band" is a very fun game.  It's not so much fun for certain world-weary writers on the other side of a very thin wall.  Especially not at obscene hours of the night.

Maybe you should try out a new game I've heard of.  It's called "Shutting the Hell Up."  Purportedly quite entertaining.

P.S. You really suck at singing.  Like really.

Dear Insufferably Emo Portion of Tierfal's Soul,

Would you stop eating me alive?  It's getting kind of old.  Yeah.  Thanks.  Appreciate it.
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