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Hai peeps!!!!one 8D

Yes, I have caught up on the backlogged comments and entries and whatnot. Dear God. Imagine if I had more than fifteen friends; I'd be here forever. XD

Soooo... welcome to abitofadork7, who I am going to try very hard NOT to scar until at least a week has gone by!

I predict failure. XD

While I could really do to get a new camera that doesn't eat batteries for breakfast, nothing beats the cell phone camera for accessibility and speed. Like, wow. I love that thing. XD

So... Today I finally had to retire my Converses. :( They were two and a half years old, and I'd shredded the backs of the heels (my other shoes are going, too XD), and they were starting to hurt my right foot pretty severely.

On the upside, remember like three months ago when I bought another pair on sale? XD

I need to rough the new ones up. I took the old ones to the dust-ridden madhouse that is the Renaissance Faire like a week after I got them, so they never had that problem. XD

New ones are a'ight, though I was really fond of the sky-blue line around the rubber on the old ones. And the pink second tongue. XD And I'm not so hot on the blatant white stitching on the new ones. o_o

...did I really just spend that long talking about shoes? God, I really AM a girl. XD

Signed up for classes today... though the acting class I might take doesn't do auditions until the twenty-first of January, and they give you the course sign-up number then, so you have to have a backup... and if I do get in but decide not to take it, I'll have classes only Tuesdays and Thursdays, which will mean a FOUR-DAY WEEKEND EVERY WEEKEND...


I was going to stay I started Christmas shopping today, then I realized that wasn't true, 'cause I saw the thing I wanted for jenwryn weeks ago and bought it and have had it sitting on my desk at home since. XD Buuuut... I bought a gift for my step-dad today while I was at Walgreens, 'cause I've been ogling the thing thinking of him since I first saw it there weeks back.

What do you buy for the man who has everything, you ask?


I am so not kidding. XD

It's one of his favorite songs on the Christmas album we have, though I suspect that's partially because it's one of the ones that drives my mother insane...

Mercifully, that's all I got. XD

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