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Needless Update Is Needless!

True story. :O

There is a new fic, which is called Anything at All, which is Matt/Mello, which has wormed its way into my soul and started eating.  It's the drabble I wrote the day, if you recall (which you would have no reason to XD), that I read the first hundred pages of The Tattooed Soldier and was kind of depressed. D:  And I really didn't like the thing at first, because I thought it was too simplistic, but eltea later mentioned how much she loved that one, and I started looking at it differently (ego trip?  ME?  neeeeverrrr), and I think the fact that it's simple is what gives it a lot of its resonance.

Er, anyway, now that I've, you know, pimped the shit out of four hundred words of fic... XD

I think I bucked the trend and slept too much today. XD  'Cause I went to bed at two (!! ...okay, it wasn't my intention, but there were a series of factors that made it necessary, which I'm too lazy to explain), and then got up at... um... 11:45.  Yeah.  Meant to get up earlier, but... failed.

So maybe I'm caught up now? XD


Tierfal out. XD
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