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I have been shirking my Happiness Meme duties, as I realized, uh, noticing other people's today over breakfast. XD  But I assert that my near-sleeplessness yesterday functions as a relatively reasonable excuse.  Ish.

Yesterday, lots of things made me happy, including the fact that eltea and I were so far gone that we laughed at eeeeeverything.  Which was fun, and slightly frightening in retrospect.  Also, I jumped on the bandwagon extremely late and, after giggling at a clip of Neil Patrick Harris's audiobook recording of Lemony Snicket's Christmas picture book, moseyed over to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  Which was like the most amazing thing.  NPH has a fantastically pretty singing voice. *____*  To go with, you know, being the funniest person since funny. XD

Today I haven't, uh, done much in the hour and a half since I got up, but YOU GUYS make me happy. ^____^  I've mentioned it before, but the fact that you guys are always here, willing to comment with support and encouragement and lulz and what have you on every stupid little thing I'm doing, writing, and whining about is just phenomenal.  It's like I have a personal cheer squad living in my computer, only way less creepy.


I got nine and a half hours of sleep last night; I should be caught up now.  DAMN. XD  Crap, I am still tired. XD

I guess I'd better go reformulate (*thinks of chemistry; almost wishes this was a lab process, then remembers how much she has always hated lab work*) my thesis now.  And, y'know, actually write the paper.  May or may not skip the "review session" for history today, because, like, how do you review for a paper? O_o  'Sides, since I'm taking that class Pass/Not Pass, all I have to get on the damn thing is a C minus, and since they inexplicably found my midterm to be A- quality, that shouldn't be too bad.  Hopefully.  Fingers crossed.  What I should do is just sit down Wednesday after my French final and write until I'm done, 'cause then I can go home.  And that would be flipping awesome.

Yeah, school FTL. XD
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