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The Further Adventures

Further adventures of Tierfal in college!

First of all, let it be known that I used to get up at six thirty to get to my high school by seven forty-five.  And nowadays, getting up at eight to get to class by nine feels obscenely early, and I'm exhausted for the rest of the day.  This is what college does to you.  HIGHER EDUCATION IS FOR LOSERS.  DROP OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

Anyway, indulge in my LJ-cut powers and explore my exploits.

So basically, for mah play (for which I need to get off-book by... ah... tomorrow), I had to go hand out fliers.  Chaos ensued.

First off, the Students for Justice in Palestine were staging a protest against the US's support of Israeli troops, who are apparently slaughtering Palestinians like nobody's business.  Just sounds like a bad place to be, really, all around.  Anyway, they were lying down on the ground to indicate solidarity (...?) and doing a lot of yelling with megaphones and holding up signs.  And then some other student group was protesting their protest, and then they had signs against those guys' sign, and... yeah.  Also, one of the innumerable and virtually-indistinguishable a cappella groups was performing not far away.

So, for an hour, in the baking (all right, warming) sun, I stood and propped up a sign reading "Come watch us get turned on" (I am not joking; the theme of the assembled one-act plays is television; also let it be known that I did NOT vote for that particular title) and handing out blinding pink fliers.  It's true.  Very, very few people noticed me, though I did manage to get rid of about ten or so.  One slightly-insane adult individual who then went on to beleaguer the protesters took one and asked me what the charity was to which our proceeds proceed.  He was skeptical when I couldn't remember.  I explained to him that I hadn't even known until three weeks ago that I had to do flipping fliering, let alone what charity it was.

Other than such requisite crazies, there was one guy who looked like a student who may end up being a requisite crazy for the next generation of flier-wielding fools.

A vague transcript:
Dude: So what's this for?
Tierfal: Theater for Charity.
Dude: Cool, cool...
Tierfal: (nods to masses of protesters and singer and so forth) They kind of stole our thunder.
Dude: Well, you're kind of in the middle of it.
Tierfal: Yeah, I was thinking about moving over there... (points) ...but I'm not sure.
Dude: What you've got to do is, like, hide somewhere unexpected.
Tierfal: And, like, attack them with fliers?
Dude: Well, take them by surprise. (holds up bread) Want some bread?
Tierfal: ... (having NO IDEA where that's been) ...I'm good, thanks.
Dude: Cool.

I don't remember how or when or why he went away, but... wow, college.  WOW.

Yeah, that was pretty much all that happened to me today.  Though one of the cops who was chilling nearby very early on in my Hour O' Torment actually eventually turned to me after considering the Students for Justice shouting about bombings and funding and misery for a while, and asked, "So what are you fliering for?"

And when I said, "Theater for Charity," he was amused.


Tierfal: 1.  Fliering: 8 billion.
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