Vitamin C (tierfal) wrote,
Vitamin C


So my brother is sitting to my right, playing a band called Skindred, which is, according to Wikipedia, heavy metal-punk rock-reggae. I actually am really liking it, lol. And my sister is on my left, trying some online game with lots of sound effects, while playing Aqua.

...yeah. XD I always forget how insane my family is until I come back and experience them all over again. XD

Speaking of which, this is the site for the comic my brother does in the UC Davis newspaper. :D The newer ones are at the top, so you'll have to scroll/click back a little to get to the early ones. ^^

Yeah, he can actually draw, lulz. XD

Anyway... XD

I am srsly going to try to work on Christmas gifts tonight, errrr. :P I finished the L/Light Christmas fluff o' randomness that was distracting me from them, so that should help! XD

Tags: amusement, family, link, music
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