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Christmas Is Imminent lolfail

Well, hopefully the imminence of Christmas will not result in an imminent lolfail. That would be much appreciated by all, I think. The lolfailer most of all.


Having more children was a bad idea. We just encourage each other.

So for whatever reason, my little brother ended up with a plastic cell-phone-looking toy, and my older brother found it yesterday. And found that it makes various sounds, and every fourth one is a couple seconds of the "Butterfly" song by, sped up and looped for about a quarter of a minute.

So we played it a bunch of times. And danced wildly. In my kitchen.

Then we decided to kick it up a notch and took my copy of the song -- because of course I have that song -- and played it with Windows Media Player, with which you can speed up files, ergo we went through the whole thing at 1.4 times the regular speed. And had a rave. In my kitchen. By ourselves.

It was inspiring.

I am also making a distinct effort to eat real food today, because yesterday I had very little other than sugar and lots of it. We have fudge; we have cookies; we have candy; we have... everything... everywhere... oh, God...

My will is weak, and so is my stomach, apparently. XD After the cake (because of course it was my step-dad's birthday on Sunday, right? XD), I actually felt ill, and I almost passed out one of the times I jumped up off the couch. Uhhh... Apparently even I have a threshold for too much sugar. XD Unexpected and unhelpful. XD I thought I'd conditioned myself properly with Halloween...! D:

...this is why I strongly believe that L eats real food off-screen. Off-panel. When we're not watching. Truly.

Speaking of our old friend Mister L.... Fic progress update!

Yesterday I wrote Jenny's and started sabriel75's. Epicsauce, I know. Though considering that that was about 4,000 words all told, it was pretty epic. XD And I tried to write more in the car while we were taking my little brother to his cardiologist this morning, but... my mom wouldn't shut up. >_> Though I did get inspired for richelle2972's by Christmas music. XD

Though there's a chance at this rate that Richelle's and Eltea's will end up being a little tardy, because I won't feel as bad about that since I have a little bit of, like, physical RL stuff for them, too. XD


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