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*crosses fingers*

I'm actually not superstitious at all; baronanriel and I were arguing about it today. I REFUSE TO KNOCK ON WOOD; LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU DOOF. XD

Er, anyway.

Just wanted to say... I think I might actually have the vast majority of the fics done by tomorrow. Maybe. marmaladefever's, jenwryn's,and sabriel75's are all finished... but for epic editing (*GROAN*), and it's not quite one-thirty, and I'm well into teenelizabeth's. So if I finish that and then write chamyl's, I can spam you with all of those tomorrow, then proceed to make poor eltea and richelle2972 wait until Christmas Day for theirs, which is okay, because they're stuck with me by now. :P Also, they're in my time zone, FTW! 8D

Also, I will never, ever do this again.

...that's a lie, but next time I say "drabbles," I'm actually going to aim for drabbles. Rather than monster-fics. Dear God. XD

Just never say I don't love you guys, kk? 8D


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