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omg gaiz.

omg gaiz.


And then my daddy gave me the DEATH NOTE BOXED SEEEEEEET!!!!! 8D

I am so flipping spoiled. :P

Though the universe decided to make sure I didn't forget it by getting us stuck in traffic for an hour. XD SO THAT WAS FUN.

My brother and I talked about music for the first hour. Also, I accidentally did fanfiction some research, because I've never (a) been drunk, (b) been high, or (c) smoked a cigarette, but my characters are a bit more liberal about these things. Coincidentally, SO IS MY BROTHER. 8D

It's tricky to get used to, because you can't watch the lines form in the same way. I think it'd be easier if you could draw on the screen. In a couple years, that'll probably come standard. XD

So I told you that my brother can actually draw, right? XD This was his first effort:

And this was mine, which is liek so much moar stunning lol:

So there you go. 8D

The bad news is, I'll have to learn to draw all over again, but the good news is that once I figure that out, I WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE! >D

YAY. :3

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