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Yep, computer is fixed.

Or FIC-sed.

Whoa, there.

Reviews will be answered later, and ficcage will be read -- I've got a zillion tabs open; you're all terribly prolific 8D -- and more comments will be answered, but I was expected at a New Year's party half an hour ago, whoops. XD

But I really did have to post this first, since it's due at midnight over at metamorfic_moon:

Title: Running
Author: tierfal
Rating & Warnings: G, and tremendous pretentiousness
Prompts: "Well, you look about the kind of angel I'd get. Sort of a fallen angel, aren't you? What happened to your wings?" - It’s a Wonderful Life
Word Count: 1,169 <-- AS IN, 169 WORDS OVER THE MINIMUM! 8D
Summary: The whirling body jitters like an antique car engine, overtaken by the shuddering need to run run run, a need the man feels too but doesn’t understand…
Author’s Notes: To quote some geniuses… and now for something completely different. XD Sorry if it’s a little rushed; I had six hundred words jotted down from when the ideas had distracted me from the Christmas presents I was writing, but then I realized a few days ago how little time was left. And then my computer got a virus! :D (It’s okay now. XD) Anyway… thanks very much to eltea, as always, for a fantastic beta, and enjoy!

(Follow the shiny fake cut!)

ENJOI KEEDS. Those of you that read Lupin/Tonks, anyway. :P

Tags: fanfiction update, lupin/tonks, technological ineptitude

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