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First o' all, finally posted Tuesday's brigits_flame entry, only I did it over at my SHINY NU WRITING PLACE. That is, tierfallen. Stunningly creative name, I know. *____*

Go ahead and watch now if you want; I've barely started putting stuff up, but eltea, being a genius, suggested that I can just friend-lock the old stuff as I put it up, then un-lock it a few weeks later, when you've already moved along and won't notice any flist spammage. God damn, that girl is brilliant. XD

Anyway, reviews at are just as good, so don't worry about it. And those are shinier, because they make me look popul--


Yes. This week's prompt was "angels," and Vincent rides again here.

Yesterday, I hung out at Diamond's house again, and we watched "Lucky Number Slevin." Which was a really cool movie, which you should watch for the really clever plot if you can stomach the utterly unnecessary blood and violence. XD If you do, don't get discouraged when it starts: the dialogue was a little clunky at the beginning, but it ended up being one of the best parts of the movie.

And dee-yamn. Josh Hartnett is a dreamboat who can act. God needs to make more of those.

I mean, he even looks good when the film calls for his character to get his nose broken twice in one day. XD

Anyway, then Diamond's mom made us really good pasta, and we watched the entirety of the single existing season of "Clone High." (Episode 1 is here if you're interested). The basic premise is that there's a high school for these very odd teenaged clones of famous figures... the main characters are Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and Joan of Arc as a trio of friends, and then JFK is a jock-douche and Cleoptra is Abe's sexy crush. It's very strange but really, really funny. XD And crude. Obviously, since baronanriel and his friends love it. :P

Today I didn't do jack-shit. Except upload shit to tierfallen, that is.

And then I went to this annual thing at our high school called Thursday Night Live, which is like a talent show but not quite, 'cause eltea's brother was performing the Matchbox Twenty song "How Far We've Come." And he was AWESOME. 8D So was the rest of it, mostly; and Diamond's younger brother and a bunch of other odd boys were emceeing, and they were hiliarious. XD

I'd forgotten how annoying high schoolers are, though. (This does not apply to any of you who happen to be in high school, but you knew that, right? XD) It's probably particularly bad at our school, because they're not just snotty, hormonal, and entitled, they're affluent, snotty, hormonal, and entitled. And loud. O_o

Uhh... the end, I think. XD

NO WAIT I LIED. I came up with a premise for a new fic today, since I don't have enough of those fucking things to work on... *eyeroll/throws rocks at muse* Blame jenwryn for this one; it's all because of Mae this time, whom I've been exclusively listening to for three days now. XD

Oh, yeah, and I'm into Book 4 rereading Death Note. Addict? Me? NOOOOO.

...if you touch the manga, I'll bite yer hand off. :E

Now the end.

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