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11 January 2009 @ 11:11 pm
Look, it's me again!  

I've been slaving away uploading shit to tierfallen the last two days. Seriously slaving. (I even had to upload some new icons for it; good heavens, what a sacrifice.) I haven't gotten jack done writing, naturally, but I've almost caught up to myself upload-wise, which is pretty damn impressive given how stupidly prolific I am.

I am also a clinical italics abuser. IDIOT.

Accordingly, I have become, as I explained to eltea, "an HTML whiz." Which means, as I explained to eltea, that "I can do the three functions that I use really fast."

Anyway... I'll be opening that up next week by unlocking all the posts, and then you'll be able to use pretty tags to navigate *everything ever*. And I'll have a *shiny masterlist*. And I'll probably *misuse some asterisks*.

I also foresee me making a list of my personal recommendations of the stuff I love the most. It probably doesn't count as psychic when I'm talking about myself.

Welcome to nialyjoy, whose ability to enjoy "Shades of White" gives me hope that she will not find me too insufferably creepy altogether! 8D

Epic cut title is epic, amirite?

Uhh... spoilers... I've noticed that with DN, there's virtually always spoilers, because so damn much HAPPENS and gets TALKED ABOUT afterward. XD

This panel in Volume... Four, I believe just made me tilt my head and think about things differently. Sort of. Mostly I just want to write that, though it'd be drabbly, since obviously they've said what needs to be said, and... why am I still typing?

Yeah, I've been fangirling Matsuda even more this time around. He makes me laugh, and he's just so... lovable. XD He's like a puppy waiting to get kicked (but hoping for a biscuit!), and everybody always steps on his tail. XD

This one made me lol:

In the official translation, L's second bubble reads more like, "University is fun if you don't die."


Also, I have been staring at the sexy shiny covers, and... deeYAMN.

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? My GOD -- Light's Endless Bishie Legs...!! THEY DEFY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS AND ANATOMY AND GO ON FOREVER...!!!!


...I spent even more time looking at them after I noticed that. >_>

...yes, that is the most important thing I had to say.

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passthebutter: doctor who the doc has an ideapassthebutter on January 13th, 2009 07:05 am (UTC)
*waves back*

*succumbs to puppy-eyes, picks you up and squeezes you*

LOL I THINK MAYBE I'LL TRY MY HAND AT A DRABBLE OKAY. You know, I just noticed, but every time I try out a new fandom, pairing, I always write SEX. Probably because it means I don't have to think about plot. :D

*twirls you for no apparent reason*
(Deleted comment)
passthebutterpassthebutter on January 13th, 2009 11:32 am (UTC)
...This drabble is not working out. D8 Damn it, I cannot characterise these people. I just want everyone to be happy happy love you long time but no Light has to be a maniac and L has to be some socially-retarded genius. :( STOP BEING DIFFICULT CHARACTERS IN MY HEAD AND WRITE YOURSELVES ALREADY. *growls*

*stomps off to make character sheets*

This is what happens every time I can't write well, fyi. Sorry for taking it out on you. D: I love you really.

Writer's block go awayyy
(Deleted comment)
passthebutter: other mccain flashingpassthebutter on January 14th, 2009 08:59 am (UTC)
Yeah, it is. :| I'm just flicking from fic to fic, finding that I'm not especially happy with any of them and that my writing is stale and stilted. *sighs*

That is probably a very good idea! *hugs you*

A beta reader? XDD Yeah, that'd be cool. You need to get on MSN more. >D What's your e-mail, I'll add it my address book. *cackles*