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How Not to Ask a Staggeringly Large Favor of a Writer on the Internet

Once upon a time (September 2011), I received a private message that I didn't really know how to respond to. Some of you may remember that this was not exactly the most fantastic period of my life, so I eventually replied trying to sidestep the problem, although I like to think the alternative solution I offered was not entirely ungenerous.

But I kind of always wanted to say more. And I'm kind of a bitch. So today I went back and picked out all the things that really bothered me about that note. If you have any illusions that I'm a nice person, and you'd like to keep them, you should probably stop reading now. ♥

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Izumi - Time to DIE. <3


eltea and I were commiserating/despairing yesterday about how Katniss in The Hunger Games takes a turn for the Bella Swan-ish in Catching Fire – apparently having forgotten that she spent the duration of the first book being awesome. Evidently a whole book of female empowerment was exhausting, so it was high time for some boyfriend-related wangst.

Uh, what the hell, culture? Can we please find a way of expressing femininity that involves neither (a) Katy Perry destroying my childhood by turning Candyland into a brothel; nor (b) insecure young women being ordered to prostrate themselves on the altar of man-worship? Related: Fuck you, Katy Perry; learn to spell.

Well, I quit. FUCK THAT NOISE, as Dana from Reasoning with Vampires would say (and often does). I'm going to be an FMA girl. Henceforth will I kick all of the asses and look good. Note: I'm not as concerned about the looking good part; I'd rather have an opponent's blood on my face than makeup.

So here are my FMA ladies and the reasons that they make me proud to bear a second X chromosome.

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Sometime I might say more about the way male-female relationships manifest in FMA, and why those, too, make me weep for JOY rather than for BOY. In the meantime, if I've missed any ladies from FMA, or if you'd like to add a tribute to your own personal favorite female badass in the comments, please sing her praises below. ♥

FMA Linguistics

Why, yes, all of my posts these days are composed of stupid FMA shit.

This one is totally icequeenrex's fault, although she didn't do it on purpose. ♥ XDDD

…if you know what I mean.

For a tiny bit of something awesome that isn't FMA (blasphemy!): Murray Gold playing the Eleventh Doctor's theme on the piano~ …is it wrong that this is the most I've wanted to watch Series 6 since being bored to tears with most of Series 5? >____>

Also, I'm not allowed to do any more ludicrously useless Photoshop projects for at least a week, because my neck hurts like a BITCH, omg. XD

**EDIT** In a beautiful, cocaine-y circle of fandommy un-productivity, eltea spent fifteen minutes of her life that she'll never get back making pretty much the best thing ever. And that one was MY fault. XDDDD

Blue Rose

RIP Steve Jobs

My iPod alarm woke me up this morning, and it was on my six-year-old PowerBook, of which I am the third proud owner, that I saw the news.

I don't observe nearly as many passings here as perhaps I should, but this is a computer-based community, and everyone who owns a computer owes Steve Jobs a debt of gratitude. Petty PC/Mac battles aside, in turning Apple into an explosively productive market behemoth, he forced the competition to step up their game in order to keep pace. This was a human being of extraordinary brilliance – and not the kind who produces one magnum opus and then moves on; the kind who had a purely symbolic salary as CEO because he just liked building things, and he was amazing at it. I think we can all take some inspiration away from that: Steve Jobs gave us groundbreaking products because he wanted to make things, and he wanted to make things better. He was out to prove that ambitious creativity and revolutionary innovation were not just alive and well; they were the wave of the future. And he surfed that wave like a proper Californian.

My hat's off to you, Mr. Jobs. Thank you for everything.

Red Rose

Vincent and Maion Do a Calendar

This is my Make a Date entry for pulped_fictions, but since many of Vincent's biggest fans aren't subscribed there, I figured I should post it share-ably.

I would like to thank the Academy eltea, for convincing me to do this, fixing the mechanical pencil every time I broke it, plying me with Pop Tarts, coming up with September and October, and listening to me bitch about my job literally the entire time. Seriously. It was like three hours last night. I'm obnoxious.

Aaaand… please forgive the utter crappiness that is my "art." XD If I even knew the meaning of the word "motivation," I might have tried to pretend I understand perspective, but… nahhhhh.

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